Adapted to the demands of the pandemic crisis, Portugal Fashion will start at 12 am on Thursday, 15 October, and extends until Saturday, 17. Held mostly during daytime hours, limited audience, outdoor catwalks, multimedia broadcasts and a contingency plan are the main measures to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus during the 47th edition of the event.

Despite being atypical, the 47th Portugal Fashion promises to show all the vitality of Portuguese fashion in an edition marked by the debut of the duo Ernest W. Baker and by the participation of renowned Alexandra Moura, Alves/Gonçalves, David Catalán, Hugo Costa, Júlio Torcato, Luís Onofre, Maria Gambina, Marques'Almeida, Miguel Vieira, Katty Xiomara, Sophia Kah, among others. 24 fashion shows and performances are scheduled, in which the spring-summer 2021 collections of designers, brands (clothing and footwear/accessories) and young designers (Bloom platform for new talents) will be unveiled.    

In an edition that marks Portugal Fashion’s 25th anniversary, the central point of the event is once again Alfândega do Porto. However, the programme also provides for off location fashion shows, as is the case with the opening of this 47th edition, in which the outdoor patio of the Neya Porto Hotel - and the landscaped cloister of the former Monchique convent - serve as the setting for the presentation of the latest collection of the Sophia Kah brand (on the 15th, at 12:00). The same hotel will host Susana Bettencourt’s happening (on the 16th, at 12:00), which will take place throughout the day in an editorial format and with video transmission, and the presentation of the "Together We Stand” campaign (on the 16th, at 12:30), with which AORP - Association of Jewellers and Watchmakers of Portugal intends to affirm Portuguese jewellery in the world.

Miguel Vieira (on the 16th, at 20:30) will reveal his new proposals for the warm season at Sala dos Despachantes in Alfândega do Porto, complementing with a performance of the presentation of the video recorded in Milan, for inclusion in the official programme of Italian fashion week. At the occasion, a cocktail will be launched alluding to 25 years of Portugal Fashion with the signature of its creator. Also, the duo sensation of international fashion, Marques'Almeida (on the 17th, at 11:00), will present their new collection off location, in a space that promises to surprise. The remaining fashion shows will take place in the spacious rooms of Alfândega do Porto, but also outside the building (pier, parking and lounge).

To better protect public health and ensure health safety at the event, access to the 47th Portugal Fashion will be restricted to a professional audience (businessmen, retailers, distributors, industrial and sector partners, and journalists) and will never exceed 200 people per fashion show. In the case of off location fashion shows, the audience limitations will be even greater, due to the smaller space available.

Restrictions on access to fashion shows are one of the premises of the event's contingency plan, designed by public health specialist Ricardo Mexia. The same document defines the spatial organisation of the event, the internal circulation, the entrance control, the accreditation process, the provision of health care, personal protective equipment and internal communication. Both the recommendations of national and local health authorities and international best practices in organising events in the context of a pandemic are reflected in this contingency plan.

The reduction in on-site audience is compensated by a reinforced bet on the online broadcast of the 25 hours of the event, as well as by the use of multimedia presentations. The presentation of the collections of Katty Xiomara, Inês Torcato and the Bloom Competition will be complemented with video projections. And the projection of videos with the recent participation of Alexandra Moura, David Catalán and Miguel Vieira at Milano Moda Donna and Ernest W. Baker at Paris Fashion Week is also planned. 

Less conventional presentations are also programmed, which move away from the catwalk format and assume a performative character. Júlio Torcato's collection will be presented through a performance, as well as the proposals for footwear and accessories, which in this edition are divided into two moments. Alexandra Moura's video will be presented through an installation that will be shown continuously at the entrance of Alfandêga do Porto, during the three days of the event. 

It remains to be said that Portugal Fashion is a project under the responsibility of ANJE - National Association of Young Entrepreneurs, which has the support of its strategic partners and is co-financed by Portugal 2020, within the scope of Compete 2020 - Operational Programme for Competitiveness and Internationalisation, with funds from the European Union, through the European Regional Development Fund.



15 to 17 October – Porto

Alfândega do Porto and off location fashion shows

THU 12:00-20:00 / FRI 12:00-21:30 / SAT 11:00-21:00