Pedro Neto at BOX32
Pedro Neto at BOX32
On 11 February, between 4 pm and 8 pm, the doors of No. 32, Rua António Cândido, in Porto, were opened to the artistic community of the city. The stage was set for the second momentum of BOX32, a project whose mentors are Bloomer Pedro Neto, stylist Nelson Vieira and photographer João Octávio Peixoto. 

On an afternoon where the rain gave way to sunshine, and vice-versa, the atmosphere inside BOX32 was anything but hermetically sealed. In fact, it was democratically open to anybody who wanted to see the illustrations by António Soares and Tânia Diospiro, listen to designer Estelita Mendonça's DJ set, watch Russian artist Alexey Mandrikov's short film or just discover the collections of young designer Pedro Neto, on harmonious display between chariots with items by designer Pedro Pedro, and other hanging items, like an installation, by Estelita Mendonça.

BOX32 opened in November 2016, with the aim of promoting creative partnerships among areas like fashion, music, design, visual arts, photography and cuisine, while stimulating interactivity between projects and their complementary nature. As the mentors of the idea themselves say, "BOX32 is a space that is home to an infinite variety of cultural interactions".

Judging from what we saw, we can expect No. 32, Rua António Cardoso, in Porto, to be turned into an art gallery, a multibrand shop selling the designs of young talents in national fashion, a showroom hosting musical and gastronomic performances, a co-working space for creative minds. A heterogeneous group of talents in the north of the country, but homogenous in the aim to make BOX32 an irreverent centre where the status is anything but quo, providing a stage for the most varied of artistic expressions.