Bloom takes over the CTT Palace in a festival of urban culture
Bloom takes over the CTT Palace in a festival of urban culture

The markedly urban and alternative CTT Palace in Porto will be the setting for the nine fashion shows in the 14th Bloom event, a Portugal Fashion project dedicated to discovering and promoting young fashion designers. Bloom will be returning to a place it was happy and will once again have a full day's programme at Portugal Fashion, clearly showing the increasingly prominent role of new designers at the event.

This time coordinated and produced by designer Paulo Cravo, for the second time in a row, Bloom will have its very own calendar, giving the young designers' fashions shows more independence from the main catwalk. "The autonomy of Bloom reinforces the project's capacity to emphasise its unique characteristics in Portuguese fashion, as well as giving young designers the opportunity to publicly display what distinguishes them, what individualises them as designers and sets their work apart”, is the opinion of Paulo Cravo, who has taken over from Miguel Flor as project coordinator.

At this 40th Portugal Fashion, "we are once again setting aside a day just for the Bloom fashion shows, following the successful experiment in the previous event. The quality, modernity and sophistication of the young designers' collections fully justify this independence from the main catwalk. And the popularity of the event with the public at what is now the Bloom fetish space, the CTT Palace, as well as the interest of the specialised press and buyers in the young designers, prove that our strategy of giving it autonomy is correct”, assured the President of ANJE, Adelino Costa Matos.

He also added that "opting for a calendar just for Bloom is positive, first of all for the young designers, who have improved material and promotional conditions for presenting their collections. But Portugal Fashion also wins with this option, because it means that the event itself is being rejuvenated both creatively and generationally. We are working for the future of the young designers in Portuguese fashion and Portugal Fashion”.

Nine fashion shows by ten designers and one label

The fashion shows at the 14th Bloom kick off right at the beginning of the afternoon, with the catwalk divided between Olimpia Davide's creations and the proposals from Amorphous, the label of a first-timer, Carla Alves. The second fashion show is by Nycole, also making her début at Bloom. The fashion performances continue with Eduardo Amorim, who recently took part in White Milano Uomo – an internationalisation campaign supported by Next Step, Portugal Fashion's commercial project.

This will be followed by proposals from Maria Kobrock, the collective fashion show by Beatriz Bettencourt and Mariana Almeida (making her début) and Pedro Neto's new collection. In the evening, there will be fashion shows by David Catalán, Sara Maia and Inês Torcato, three names that have already gained some projection in national fashion.

The irreverence of the young designers is framed by the markedly urban cultural atmosphere that Bloom creates, by combining fashion with other contemporary aesthetic expressions, particularly music. During the intervals between fashion shows, the CTT Palace will vibrated to the beat of DJ sets by Alfredo, Maria and DJ KITTEN. Once again, it is expected to be a festival of urban culture, which Nova Era radio will be devoting a special programme to.

39 young designers supported by Bloom

The Bloom project was created by Portugal Fashion in 2010, at the 27th event, in order to support, publicise and promote young Portuguese designers nationally and internationally.

Since that event in 2010, the Bloom project has made it possible for 39 young designers and six new designer labels to present their collections. Namely, Alexandre Marrafeiro, Ana Segurado, Andreia Lexim, Beatriz Bettencourt, Carla Pontes, Carlos Couto, Catarina Santos, Celsus, Cláudia Garrido, Daniela Barros, David Catalán, Diana Matias, Eduardo Amorim, Elionai Campos, Estelita Mendonça, Gonçalo Páscoa, Hugo Costa, Inês Marques, Inês Torcato, Iúri, Joana Ferreira, João Melo Costa, João Rôla, Mafalda Fonseca, Margarida Gentil, Maria Martins, Maria Kobrock, Olimpia Davide, O Simone, Pedro Jorge, Pedro Neto, Pedro Pinto, Pilar Pastor, Pritt Franco, Rita Gilman, Sara Maia, Stefano Ficetola, Susana Bettencourt, Teresa Abrunhosa as well as the Align With Kay, Atelier Ctrl, Autopsy (by Jordann Santos), HIBU., K L A R and UN T labels.

The names of young designers Carla Alves (Amorphous label), Mariana Almeida and Nycole, who will be making their débuts on the Bloom catwalk at this 40th Portugal Fashion, must now be added to that list.

Some of these young Bloom designers have participated in international fashion shows and showrooms with the support of Portugal Fashion, or its complementary commercial project, Next Step, and have been present at important fashion events in London, Paris, Milan, Vienna, Copenhagen and Madrid.

Carla Pontes, Estelita Mendonça, Hugo Costa and Susana Bettencourt are examples of young designers who, following their participation in the Bloom project, have consolidated their careers and are now on the main Portugal Fashion calendar. They have also taken part in several international fashion events with the endorsement of Portugal Fashion.