Olimpia Davide: “Bloom believed in me and I was able to bloom"
Olimpia Davide: “Bloom believed in me and I was able to bloom"
Anyone willing to get started the world of fashion, Portugal Fashion can help. The Bloom Contest, part of the platform dedicated to young Portuguese creators, gives the financial, technical and strategic support necessary to help debut in the professional circuit of the sector. Since its inception, the competition has already served as a springboard for names such as Carla Pontes, Diogo Miranda, David Catalán, Beatriz Bettencourt and Olimpia Davide, who today are a regular feature on the Portugal Fashion catwalk. Sara Marques, creator of the Olimpia Davide brand, tells us her experience after taking part in the Bloom Competition.

Sara Marques's path at Portugal Fashion started at spring/summer of 2016.  Representing ESAD, a higher education institution from which she graduated in Fashion Design, the young designer presented an individual collection on the Bloom platform, hardly knowing that this would be her home in subsequent years.  "It all started when I entered the Bloom Competition, where I was awarded 3rd place and had the best opportunity I could have had to show what I like to do", says Sara Marques in an interview to Radio Nova Era. After winning this 3rd place the young designer guaranteed her presence in the following two editions of Portugal Fashion, at which time she began to devise her brand, named Olimpia Davide. "It was basically there that Olimpia Davide grew, the brand that is my story, my memories and my life experiences.  It is through the platform that I am able to show and convey a message, because everything has to convey a message", adds Sara.

Olimpia Davide is a relaxed brand, which is guided by the elegance and irreverence of the modern day woman.  Inspirations for the collections are almost always the memories of Sara, the creator, who says she achieves the freedom she needs on the Bloom platform.  "It's a young platform that really lets us grow and where we can really free ourselves. I was able to free myself; being able to expose my ideas and my memories is very rewarding", she says. 
It is very important, for the creator, that the people who choose the Olimpia Davide brand understand that there is a message to convey, since she puts so much of their personal experiences in her creations.  "The people who choose Olimpia Davide say that there really is something there and that is the most rewarding thing: to be able to know that I have conveyed something", says Sara Marques.  Something that, she says, was possible through the support and confidence that the platform gave her, "The platform believed in me, believed in the brand, and I just have to thank people - because Bloom is made of people - for having been able, over time, to bloom. I have grown a lot, I have evolved and learned".

It is exactly the opportunity to evolve and learn - in other words, to bloom - that the Bloom Competition gives its participants, as well as the chance to see their creations paraded on the catwalk in the spring/summer and autumn/winter shows of Portugal Fashion.  Portugal Fashion is currently promoting a new edition of the contest, which is now in the final phase of qualifying for the finalists, after the entry deadline ended on 1 November. The selection of the two winners of the Bloom Competition is scheduled for March next year.