Bloom:  new fashion talents at Portugal Fashion’s alternative catwalk
Bloom: new fashion talents at Portugal Fashion’s alternative catwalk
The first day of fashion shows at the megastructure in Parque da Cidade, on 22 March, was almost completely devoted to the young designers of the Bloom project, through which Portugal Fashion discovers, promotes and supports new designers. The event opened with the eight finalists in the Bloom Competition taking to the catwalk, with Mara Flora and Maria Meira being the winners. Next on the catwalk were 0.9 VIRUS by Filipe Ferreira and Daniela Pereira, Joana Braga, Sara Maia, Beatriz Bettencourt, Nycole and Olímpia Davide. For the third time running, Bloom's fashion production and coordination was in the capable hands of designer Paulo Cravo.

Bloom Intershow Music was held at the same time as the fashion shows. This was a live djing performance by DJ Kitten and White Haus. The conjugation of electronic music with the young designers' fashion shows served to reinforce the affirmation of Bloom as a multi-artistic urban culture event, where creativity is naturally the leitmotif.

Two débuts on the Bloom catwalk

Of note at this 16th Bloom wer the débuts of 0.9 VIRUS by Filipe Ferreira and Daniela Pereira, who shared the catwalk in a joint fashion show. Born in 1996, Filipe Ferreira completed his secondary education at the Soares dos Reis Artistic School in 2014, in Technical Textiles, and got his degree in Fashion Design from ESAD (Higher Institute of Art and Design) in Matosinhos in 2017. Before setting out with his own label at Bloom, Filipe Ferreira took part in the PFN Young Designers Competition – Portuguese Fashion News, organised by Seletiva Moda Association.

Daniela Pereira (Valença, 1994) studied Fashion Design at the Porto Fashion School, did her internship at the Atelier Haider Ackermann (Antwerp, Belgium) and was one of the finalists at the Sangue Novo Competition at Moda Lisboa SS 18 (October 2017). In her menswear creations, Daniela Pereira values the details and finishes on the clothes. The young designer tries to give a different perspective on men's fashion, while maintaining the quality and comfort of her proposals.

More than 40 young designers supported by Bloom 

The Bloom project was created by Portugal Fashion in October 2010, at the 27th event, in order to support, publicise and promote young Portuguese designers nationally and internationally. 

Since this event in 2010, the Bloom project has made it possible for 42 young designers and seven new designer labels to present their collections. These are Alexandre Marrafeiro, Ana Segurado, Andreia Lexim, Beatriz Bettencourt, Carla Pontes, Carlos Couto, Catarina Santos, Celsus, Cláudia Garrido, Daniela Barros, David Catalán, Diana Matias, Eduardo Amorim, Elionai Campos, Estelita Mendonça, Gonçalo Páscoa, Hugo Costa, Inês Marques, Inês Torcato, Iúri, Joana Braga, Joana Ferreira, João Melo Costa, João Rôla, Mafalda Fonseca, Margarida Gentil, Maria Martins, Maria Kobrock, Mariana Almeida, Nycole, Olimpia Davide, O Simone, Pedro Jorge, Pedro Neto, Pedro Pinto, Pilar Pastor, Pritt Franco, Rita Gilman, Sara Maia, Stefano Ficetola, Susana Bettencourt and Teresa Abrunhosa as well as the Align With Kay, Atelier Ctrl, Amorphous (by Carla Alves), Autopsy (by Jordann Santos), HIBU, KLAR and UN T labels.

On the other hand, some Bloom events have brought together educational institutions and specialised design courses. Students from Porto Fashion School, MODATEX and ESAD – Matosinhos Higher Institute of Art and Design, the Fashion Design course from the University of Lisbon Faculty of Architecture, CENATEX (Guimarães) and the Higher Institute of Applied Arts from the Polytechnic Institute of Castelo Branco have had the opportunity to present coordinates on Portugal Fashion's alternative catwalk. 

Some young Bloom designers have participated in international fashion shows and showrooms with the support of Portugal Fashion, or its complementary commercial project, Next Step, and have been present at important fashion events in London, Paris, Milan, Vienna, Copenhagen and Madrid. 

Carla Pontes, Estelita Mendonça, Hugo Costa and Susana Bettencourt are examples of young designers who, following their participation in the Bloom project, have consolidated their careers and are now on the main Portugal Fashion calendar. They have also taken part in several international fashion events with the endorsement of Portugal Fashion. 
Among this group of emerging designers, Hugo Costa is a veritable case study. The young designer made his début at the Paris Men's Fashion Week in June 2016 and has already been in the city of light's fashion week four consecutive times. Always with the support of Portugal Fashion. 

At this 42nd Portugal Fashion, Inês Torcato and David Catalán make the move from Bloom to the main catwalk. This comes on the heels of their participation last January, with another Bloomer, Nycole, at Altaroma, in Rome, with the support of Portugal Fashion.

"The Bloom project plays a vital role in the generational and aesthetic renovation of Portuguese fashion, contributing to launching the careers of young designers and attracting talent to the clothing industry”, Rafael Alves Rocha said. "The quality, modernity and sophistication of the collections presented by the young designers mean Bloom fashion shows give added value to Portugal Fashion", he added.