Have you ever heard about the The Moken? Probably no, but those sea gypsies live in the Mergui Archipelago, a group of 800 desert islands that are one of the planet’s most unspoiled destinations.
If nowadays is trendy to be a Social media nomad, for the Moken that is a lifestyle but without technology attached.
The Moken, along with most other coastal dwellers in south-East Asia today, are all descendants from the Great Austronesian Expansion where people were pushed to the sea by the Chinese culture around 3500-4000 years ago. They populated the coastal areas and islands of the Indian and Pacific oceans in magnificent ocean-crossing log-boats with advanced marine and navigation skills.
Traditionally they live on hand-built wooden boats called kabang, migrating in flotillas between islands according to factors such as subsistence needs, wind patterns, security and disease concerns. They have historically shunned material possessions and rejected outside technology.
A real Nomad life is not easy, so from May to October when the south-western monsoon brings heavy storms, they live in temporary stilt houses on the eastern side of the islands, where they find protection from blustery winds.
Their semi-nomadic numbers have diminished in recent years due to political and post-tsunami regulations, oil exploration, tourism development and industrial fishing.
Will those sea nomads who survived the 2004 tsunami devastation survive to the modern "plastic” capitalist society?

Inspirada neste contexto, "Don’t Fish my Fish” é uma metáfora que faz a ponte entre essas pessoas livres, e a sociedade moderna, repleta de leis capitalistas, que se prevalecem sobre valores sociais e ambientais. Como marca emergente, acreditamos firmemente que todos têm um lugar no mercado, tal como cada ser Humano tem lugar no mundo. A marca Hugo Costa prioriza qualidade e não quantidade, criatividade e não cópia, valores e não leis. E perante todos os grupos de fast fashion que estão sempre a pescar o peixe dos outros, a marca, tal como os Moken, vai manter o seu território no mercado porque o vento não afastará o sonho nem roubará a fé na nossa criatividade.