TM teresamartins

"There is a turnaround in human consciousness that needs to take place. In taking responsibility and beginning the journey towards conscious living, we begin the greatest adventure life has to offer, the simplest and easiest way to express our divinity” Sadhguru

The inspiration behind Desert Eves follows the story of the previous two collections, SS18 Silent Revolution and FW18 Forest Path. 
A trilogy, that reflects the intention of Teresa Martins to go beyond design towards the deeper purpose of turning a personal journey into a collective experience.

In Desert Eves we celebrate:
The energy treasured within that erupts in the form of Light revealing the power of the Essential, the strength of the Elements, the Void and the Fulfillment, through a vibrant match of elements at their opposite ends:

Loose & Structure | Shine & Dull | Heavy & Light | Graphic & Abstract | Dark & Bright | Rough & Soft 

Silk | Cotton | Linen | Wool

Spring Bud | Dusty Pink | Sponge | Golden Poppy | Golden Rod | Arabian Spice | Orion Blue | Natural | Charcoal | Sycamor | Tumeric 

Spring Wind | Desert Dream | Rain Shadow | Cactus Flower | Thar Desert | Chalbi Desert | Oasis | White Desert | Twilight | Viola